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the Future of Sustainable Design 

You no longer have to choose between designing great things and doing the right thing for the environment. Our custom SIP homes and commercial buildings offer energy efficiency, less waste and sustainable sourcing leaving minimal environmental impact.

SIP Home Build

Design Professionals

We work with interior designers and architects to design custom SIP panels for your client’s project.

Rosenvold timber frame with sip panels

Home Owners

Our design team will work with you to create the energy-efficient home of your dreams.

SIP Home Build

Professional Builders

SIP panels are designed, so projects take less time in the building process and are more efficient to build.

SIP Home Build

Commercial Construction

Each commercial SIP construction project is faster to build and provides maximum efficiency to owners.

For those who desire beauty, efficiency and sustainability.

SIP homes offer a unique build experience that not only gives you the custom home you desire but also a smaller environmental impact that traditional builds.

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New Projects

Introducing Enercept SIP’s. Our Structural Insulated Panels are the most efficient, sustainable, high-performance building panels that create healthier, and more energy-efficient homes and buildings. While giving elegant design and reduced impact on the environment during the construction process.

SIP houses

Custom Home

SIP Panels Construction


SIP Panel Houses

Custom Home

SIP Construction

With Enercept, your SIPs will be custom-made to meet your custom specifications. Our skilled drafters give you the one-on-one attention you deserve throughout the process.

Sustainable Projects


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SIP Panels
Structured insulated Panels home build
SIP Panel Houses

Structural Insulated Panels

Let us show you more about the sustainable qualities of the SIP building materials and process.